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Cradle of civilizations

The oldest high developed civilization in Europe, dated to the 6th – 5th millennia BC, comprising vast area in some part of present East and South […]
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Land of golden treasures

The oldest crafted gold in the history of mankind (Varna Necropolis, 6th – 5th millennia BC), and the famous¬†Thracian golden treasures, which conquered the world, were […]
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Meeting point of civilizations

With more than 40,000 cultural and historical monuments, Bulgaria is a land of many ancient civilizations – Pre-historian, Thracian, Macedonian, Greek, Proto-Bulgarian, Slav, Roman, Byzantine, Turkic […]
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Homeland of powerful empires

The birth date of the state of Bulgaria is the year 681. There were only two empires in Europe at that time – the Western Roman […]
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Sofia – town from the dawn of history

Sofia – the Bulgarian capital, was born 8,000 years ago in the green embrace of the Vitosha mountain, close to warm mineral springs. Today, more than […]

Culture and wildlife with recognition

UNESCO’s World Cultural and Wildlife Heritage List currently includes nine Bulgarian landmarks – seven cultural and two natural wonders: The Madara Horseman – a monumental bas-relief […]
Orpheus ~ Thracian Treasures ~ Private Tours Bulgaria

Native land of Orpheus and Spartacus

Orpheus – the mythical Thracian singer, born near today’s village of Guela in the Rhodope Mountains, who, according to the Greek mythology, took part in the […]
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Wine – tradition carried through millennia

Man’s first wine ever may have fermented in the Bulgarian lands. Viticulture and wine producing in the lands of present-day Bulgaria are dating back to 4,000 […]

Homeland of the attar of roses

The world’s perfume and cosmetics industry could not do without the Bulgarian attar of roses – the Bulgarian oleaginous rose yields 80% of the world’s production. […]

Country of yoghurt

The Bulgarian yoghurt is a unique product. The preparation technology is based on the Lactobacterium Bulgaricum bacteria that grow nowhere else in the world. It has […]