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Cultural group tours ~ Satisfaction guaranteed

One of Europe’s top travel hot spots, lying at the heart of the Balkans, on a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is a land of ancient history, rich culture, vivid style folklore, old traditions and stunning nature.

We offer a rich variety of tours focusing on history, archaeology, architecture, culture, art, music, wine and cuisine. Many of our tours involve elements of various themes such as history, wine and art. Whichever tour you choose, you’ll benefit from a range of special extras that will certainly add to the pleasure of your stay.

We provide personalized professional services for the travelers who want more than “routine” tour packages or itineraries that lack imagination or excitement.


Careful Design & Comfortable Pricing

Our cultural tours are designed to see and do a lot without rushing. You will enjoy a comfortable balance between guided sightseeing and leisure time – freedom to rest up or wander on your own. You will also notice many extras that make a real difference.


Superb Value & Quality

Our top quality travel packages are with just about everything together in one price – hotel accommodations, some meals, transfers and transportation, entrance fees and local taxes, guide services, and more… All major sites are also included, amounting to significant savings. Traveling with us, you will never encounter extra expenses or ‘surprises’ along the tour. At times, you may benefit yourself of special optional excursions and events at reasonable prices.


Knowledgeable Guides & Professional Drivers

Our experienced travel professionals are with you throughout the itinerary. They are knowledgeable, caring, helpful, and always there when you need them. Not only that, they are friendly, fun, and great to spend time with.


Best Selection of Hotels & Restaurants

Our hotels selection offers the best combination of quality and convenience – close to major attractions and shopping areas in the cities, near the most important cultural and historical sites in the capitals and in the countryside. The selection of attractive traditional restaurants offers you possibility to be acquainted with the local cuisine with its own characteristics, originality and exceptional variety.


Guided Sightseeing & Cultural Exchange

Our cultural group tours will show you the destination ‘behind the scenes’. You will experience the variety of cultural, historical and archaeological sites, customs and traditions of the places you are visiting. Our creative custom designed private and group tours, short breaks and weekend escapes develop and support special Cultural Connections – including participation in local activities, special meals and wine-tastings, lectures, home visits, receptions, traditional performances and concerts – all contributing to your deeper understanding of local people and places.


Personal Attention & Care

Our success is based on knowing you and delivering genuine personal attention. Many past travelers are on a first-name basis with our staff. In addition, many recommend our guides and drivers to their friends and colleagues because they have shared meaningful travel experiences and have become personal friends. Our travel feedback pages are a proof of that type of personal relationship.


Style & Comfort

Our guided tours offer an extraordinary scope of cultural travel opportunities in Bulgaria and the Balkans – Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, etc. We have highlighted our range of travel choices – ready-to-book itineraries, tailor-made tours customized to your requirements and specifications, and a variety of themes to help you choose from.

We design cultural tours and travel itineraries that match unique historical and archaeological sites, artefacts and attractions with the personal interests and desires of the travelers.

Just send us your enquiry and we will offer you our best suggestion to suit your preferences.


Bulgarian Cultural Group Tours ~ Experience the difference

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Come and explore the treasures of Bulgaria and the Balkans in comfort and style!