About AltoursBG

AltoursBG is a leading Bulgarian tour operator in the field of cultural, historical and specialty interest tours, specialized in designing exclusive personalized itineraries. We are the first to present Bulgaria as a destination with 8,000 years of culture and history, unique in its diversity, and as one of the oldest European civilizations with a major place in World's history.

We create and market our own travel programs and provide high-quality travel services, operating ready-to-book guided cultural tours for groups and tailor-made itineraries for business and private travelers, small groups or couples. This includes helping you choose the most suitable stay available at the most competitive tour prices and match your budget and luxury style.

We continuously strive at fulfilling our clients' needs and exceed their expectations – attention to detail ensures you will enjoy a totally hassle-free traveling. We provide the perfect balance between organized activities and free time for individual exploration and relaxation.

Besides, AltoursBG offers customizable multi-country cultural tours of the Balkans including Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo…

Luxury at a budget, whatever cultural tour package you choose, you'll benefit from a range of special extras that will certainly add to the pleasure of your stay.

AltoursBG is proud of its staff which is among the friendliest and most informed in their field. Supporting them are professional, well-trained tour guides from the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides as well as experienced drivers whose aim is to ensure the success of your stay in Bulgaria. Transportation is by deluxe comfortable and safe air-conditioned mini-buses and tourist coaches. Accommodation is in selected 3- to 5-star hotels, personally visited and approved.

Our travel partners and friends are from different parts of the world - Far West (the USA and Canada), Far East (Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand), Europe,  Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Committed to growth, we are open to any proposals for co-operation for mutual benefit from travel companies and travel-related organizations.