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For several decades now, under UNESCO aegis, attempts have been made to preserve the planet's most valuable cultural and natural heritage.

We are proud of the Bulgarian contribution to the world's heritage and would like more people to get to know it:

Madara Horseman (8th century)

The only one of its kind in Europe, the magnificent bas-relief is cut into the sheer rock at a height of 23 m. A horseman can be seen followed by a dog and a lion pierced by a spear, in their natural size. The composition is comparable to the East Iran triumph scenes and the Ancient traditions as well. The details speak in favor of the Bulgarian origin of the bas-relief.
There is a supposition that the relief glorifies khan Tervel as a winner. The Greek inscriptions give information about the events which occurred in Bulgaria and Byzantium during that period.

Kazanluk Thracian Tomb (4th - 3rd century BC)

A Thracian beehive-type tomb from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd century BC. It consists of an antechamber, a stone corridor (dromos) and a domed chamber, built of stone and brick.
The murals on the walls are of great artistic value. They reflect battle scenes and the symbolic farewell with the Thracian ruler accompanied by three racing chariots.

Sveshtari Thracian Tomb (3rd century BC)

Discovered in 1982 under a large hill. Richly ornamented, the central chamber was decorated as a facade of a temple with depicted horseman who takes a golden garland from the hands of a goddess with a religious procession following her. The three walls have high reliefs with 10 carriatides.

Boyana Church (10th century)

Marking the beginning of portrait painting in European art, the portraits of the Sebastocrator Kaloyan and his wife Dessislava are the oldest realistic images of monumental art in Medieval Europe. The wonderful frescoes were created by a Bulgarian artist a century before the Italian Renaissance, before Giotto.

Rila Monastery (10th century)

The largest monastery in the Balkans, monument of the medieval Bulgarian culture, Rila Monastery is a genuine treasure-house of artworks, valuable frescoes and historic documents. The monastery church is famous for its splendor, woodcuts and icons.

Nessebur (2nd millennium BC)

The ancient museum town is situated on a rocky peninsula, linked with mainland by a narrow isthmus.
Founded by the Thracians more than 3,000 years ago, the small town is a genuine treasure-house of architectural and artistic monuments. The town's more than 40 ancient churches are a splendid example of Byzantine architecture.

Ivanovo Rock Monasteries (13th - 17th centuries)

A natural museum of Bulgarian painting, with 20 medieval churches, chapels and monastic cells hewn into the craggy gorge of the Roussenski Lom river by the village of Ivanovo, near Rousse. In the Covered-up church one can see many inscriptions, portraits of saints, and other surviving items, among which the church-donor's portrait - most likely the czar Ivan Asen II.

Pirin National Park

A natural reserve with alpine relief, Pirin National Park has 176 mountain lakes, white-fir and black-pine forests and about 100 varieties of endemic, endangered and rare plants, including the edelweiss and the famous Baikushev fir, almost 1,300 years old.

Sreburna Wildlife Reserve

Sreburna is a fresh-water lake, located near the Danube and extending over an area of 600 hectares, at 16 km to the west from the town of Silistra.
The lake's animal world is represented by 6 kinds of fish, 14 species of amphibians, 160 bird varieties, 35 species of mammals and 120 pairs of Dalmatian pelicans which nest here. It is believed that their number throughout the world does not exceed 1,200 pairs. Special monitors have been installed among the thick reeds for undisturbed wildlife observation.

UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria TOURS

Our guided cultural tours featuring UNESCO sites in Bulgaria will acquaint you with amazing cultural and natural highlights with outstanding value - must-see Bulgarian places, internationally known and unique.

We offer tours with different duration. Each tour includes visits to a number of cultural and historical monuments, listed by UNESCO as well as many other sights part of Bulgaria’s cultural and historical past – ancient fortresses and basilicas, Thracian golden and silver treasures, unique Thracian tombs, archaeological landmarks, churches, monasteries, and many more…

We would recommend you to extend your tour and visit the most impressive UNESCO heritage sites in Romania, Macedonia, or some other neighboring countries as well. We would be glad to assist you in customizing the itinerary according to your preferences.

Featured Tours:

The tour ideas listed below are just samples of UNESCO sites in Bulgaria tours we can arrange.  We can create a tour based on your specific interests enriched by inspiring visits and amazing travel experience.

Grand Tour (10 days / 9 nights)

Our Grand Tour starts from Sofia and includes visits to all 9 Bulgarian cultural and natural sites, listed by UNESCO. This is a tour that will show you rich history, unique sites and stunning landscapes.

Standard Tour (8 days / 7 nights)

Our Standard Tour starts from Sofia and includes visits to the 7 Bulgarian cultural UNESCO sites only. It is our best-selling tour featuring the Bulgarian contribution to the world heritage.

Short Tour (5 days / 4 nights)

Our Short Tour starts from Sofia and includes only 3 most visited Bulgarian cultural sites listed by UNESCO. This tour will show you as much as possible within your short stay.

Weekend Getaway (3 days / 2 nights)

Our Weekend Getaway Tour starts from Sofia and includes only 2 UNESCO cultural sites, suitably located around Sofia. The tour is a perfect choice for your weekend – balanced with exceptional visits and free time.

Guaranteed Departure Tours

Our guaranteed departure tours UNESCO sites in Bulgaria are private guided tours upon request, organized for min 2 persons. The best period is April – October but March and November are also very good for touring.

Special discounts apply for small groups of 6 and more persons.

The price includes land services only. It may vary depending on the type of hotel accommodation, transportation and guide service.

Superior accommodation, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, many extras...

Your Unique Tour

The UNESCO sites in Bulgaria tours are customizable.

Put your ideas in the hands of our travel consultants and they will customize your tour to make it exclusive and memorable. We will design your tour by focusing on your preferred UNESCO sites and specific interests in culture, history, archaeology, art, architecture, nature, music, traditions, wine or culinary. We would be glad to assist you and be at your disposal by the end of your tour taking care for all details.

Feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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Come and explore the treasures of Bulgaria and the Balkans in comfort and style!


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