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Brett & Gordon


Hi Alexandra,

The tour went very well despite the small hiccup and we are very appreciative of your efforts to maximise the enjoyment for all. Gordon provided me with some feedback and I will forward this to you when I have the opportunity. I’m confident that we will get numbers for 2024 and I’ll keep you in the loop for the May/June tour.
Both guides were outstanding. I’ll be in touch with official feedback.
Regards and thanks again, Brett


Hi Alexandra, our group is home now after a wonderful trip to Bulgaria and Romania.
I have already commented on Bulgaria and the very good work from Georgi. Georgi is a true professional.
In Romania, Otilia was equally excellent and made our trip very enjoyable.
Brett will follow up with any formal debrief but I wanted to thank you for providing us with such an excellent experience.

Regards, Gordon