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Andi and Jack Bidwell


Hi Alex,
Thanks so much for such a warm welcome in Bulgaria. From our welcoming dinner to the final farewell dinner, (just ten days later) we had a wonderful, fun, educational and delicious week. The historical sites were amazing to see, considering that some dated back to the times of the Thracians (6000-2000 BC).

We have nothing like that in the US except for some Native American sites, but I don’t believe that even those are that old.

Ours is a young country, as you know, and my Bulgarian grandfather was one of the many immigrants who helped to make our country what it is today.

‘Altours’ was the perfect place to begin my education on the history, culture and sites to see in Bulgaria. Your web site is so easy to use and it allowed me to take a look at the Bulgarian Monasteries, the UNESCO sites, the Treasures – all with colored photos.

My favorite was the one on “Why Bulgaria?” – which I left on my wall at work so my coworkers would understand why I wanted to travel to Bulgaria.

We really appreciated the special help that you gave us so that we could meet the mother of my friend who lives in Troyan and visit the village of Stefan Stambolovo, where my grandfather was born. These special things are what really made our vacation memorable. Speaking of people, we enjoyed meeting and traveling with Dolly (who must be one of your best tour guides ) and Simeon (our driver) who was more than a driver because of the restaurants he recommended and for our special tour to the Golden Sands Beach (which wasn’t on our original itinerary). Both Dolly and Simeon became friends of ours in just one week.

Most of all, thanks to you for making our 11-day tour so special. I know that you took great pains to find the best places to stay (the small boutique hotel in Veliko Turnovo was our favorite), the best sites to see and the best places where we could enjoy our meals (which is always very important to me as a food professional).

You are the best! Thanks and Blagodarya!