Three Reasons to Travel in 2024

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Three Reasons to Travel in 2024


1. A Stronger Dollar means money goes further

The US, CA, AU and NZ dollar have risen against many world currencies by 10–45% depending on destination. While it is showing gains against the Euro, the dollar buys at least 20% more than last year in European countries, including Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


2. Good Deals are easier to find

Travelers are seeing average savings of 20% over last year on travel arrangements.The dollar’s stronger buying power, combined with the need to increase business revenues during the recession has led to any number of good deals. Travelers are saving 10–25% over last year on custom arrangements and travel packages.


3. Travel Stimulates the World Economy

Travel is a major economic stimulus worldwide. The international travel supports not only your local tourism industry, but economies overseas, some of which depend on tourism for a sizeable part of their revenue. This is especially true in the countries where tourism is a developping or the only real industry.